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Arizona Scale Trail Runners

City : Multiple
State/Region : Arizona (AZ)
Country : USA

Contact : Brian Muzzy

The Arizona Scale Trail Runners group was created in 2009 by me (Brian Muzzy) to help promote the hobby and grow the scale scene in our state. Today A.S.T.R. has over 820 members, a growing scale comp scene and GTG's almost every weekend across the valley.
Arkansas RC Crawlers

City : Multiple
State/Region : Arkansas (AR)
Country : USA

Contact : Josh Harris

We also call Hot Springs Orvpark home. We have started building a Rc crawler course and are progressing right along.

We host a few of our own G6 Events each year!

Comp rigs or scalers...We like to get out and have Fun in Arkansas!
Bay Area Comp Scalers

City : San Francisco
State/Region : California (CA)
Country : USA

Contact : Nabil Jamali

This is a group to discuss performance based scalers aswell as find info about the upcoming sorrca comp series

City : Kuching
State/Region : Sarawak
Country : Malaysia

Contact : Yassin

It is an rc crawler club establish in kuching sarawak, on its way registering our club officially in kuching sarawak. weekly crawling is a must for us here in kuching sarawak.

We run SORRCA classes : 1 and 3
CenTex Scale Crawlers

City : Austin, Belton, San Antonio
State/Region : Texas (TX)
Country : USA

Contact : Eric Mattson

Centex (CTXRCC) is one of the oldest groups in Texas and is a recognized member of the USRCCA.
Club 106

City : Pleasant Hill
State/Region : Ca
Country : United states

Contact : Gary Harrington

Indoor competition monthly

We run SORRCA classes : 1,2
Crawl Space

City : Denver & CO. Springs
State/Region : Colorado (CO)
Country : USA

Contact : Ikaika Farrior

We have weekly Events!

The Crawl Space houses Colorado's largest indoor rock course. Estimated at 65 tons of various rock geared towards competition trucks and well equipped scale rigs.

The terrain is always changing and growing with the addition of new rock each month to provide new and challenging lines.
Crazy Crawlers

City : Pasadena
State/Region : California
Country : Usa

Contact : Edgar Cisneros

We run SORRCA classes : 1,2 & 3
CT Scalers

City : Multiple
State/Region : Connecticut (CT)
Country : USA

Contact : Jonathan Frascatore

We set forth to conquer the mountains and trails of Connecticut in the most realistic RC vehicles possible.

Division 1 RC

City : Edmonton
State/Region : Alberta (AB)
Country : Canada

Contact : RC Brooks

Based in Edmonton, we are the leading radio controlled scale trail truck club in northern Alberta.
This club is meant for organizing and participating in active trail runs, and friendly competitions. Watch the page for time and locations. Also, any events we plan to attend will be posted there.

East Texas RC Crawlers

City : Tyler
State/Region : Texas (TX)
Country : USA

Contact : Clay Carter

RC crawling club for Tyler & the surrounding areas. USRCCA recognized.
Eastern Pennsylvania RC Crawlers

City : Multiple
State/Region : Pennsylvania (PA)
Country : USA

Contact : Wes Brazwell

Eastern PA RC Crawlers is a club dedicated to Radio Control Rock Crawling. We have members from all over Eastern PA, NJ, and NY.

Our goal is to have fun on the rocks in the tri-state area and meet new people that enjoy the same things we do
Florida Scale Trail Runners

City : Multiple
State/Region : Florida
Country : USA

Contact : Sean Montanye

We run all 3 SORRCA Classes.

We are a Florida based club composed of guys who just like to trail/crawler/MUD/Build for the fun of Scaling. We have official comps but we do sometimes have mini GTG within the club for the enjoyment, such as trail riding and mudding. We meet at local areas but mostly meet at NewRed Hobbies once a month (Third Sunday of every month) and sometimes GTG in between.
GA Rock Zombies

City : Atlanta
State/Region : Georgia (GA)
Country : USA

Contact : Corey Allen

We are a group of crazy RC addicts that will stop at nothing to become the best RC group on the web.
Indiana Scale Rock Crawlers

City : Madison
State/Region : Indiana (IN)
Country : USA

Contact : Jon Vest

This is a group for scale, radio controlled, off-road enthusiasts. We can share pictures, videos, ideas, technical information, form trail runs, buy/sell/trade parts, or just hang out with great people that share this awesome hobby!!
Notice: This group is for all ages so please keep it PG-13, Thanks.
London Scale Trail Runners

City : Multiple
State/Region : Greater London
Country : England

Contact : Neil McCallum

London Scale Trail Runners is a group that gets together the last Sunday of each month around the M25 Gatwick to Hatfield
We run 3 classes
We run 5 courses each having 10 gates
Scale electric trucks only
Los Angeles RC Crawlers

City : Los Angeles
State/Region : California
Country : United States

Contact : Ralph Olquin

We have weekly get togethers, and hold monthly competitions All throughout the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

We follow SORRCA rules in Classes 1,2 and 3.

We run SORRCA classes : 1,2 and 3
Low Elevation Rock Crawlers

City : Oakdale
State/Region : California (CA)
Country : USA

Contact : Jason Moreland

Low Elevation Rock Krawlers L.E.R.K.
Lower Mainland Radio Control Crawlers

City : Lower Mainland
State/Region : British Columbia (BC)
Country : Canada

Contact : David Lorenz

The LMRCC is a local club in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. We hold and organize events on a regular basis year round. The season points series runs from March to September each year.

Classes: C1, C2, C3
MOTOWN R/C Scale Crawlers,Mudder and Trail

City : Pensacola
State/Region : Florida
Country : United States

Contact : Jason Picheo

We are just getting started looking forward to holding local events.

We run SORRCA classes : 1,2,3
New Jersey Scale Offroad

City : Multiple
State/Region : New Jersey (NJ)
Country : USA

Contact : Nick Murawski

Group of big kids with tiny trucks. We organize trail runs all over Nj. We attend comps and other group events.
New Mexico Remote Controlled Crawlers

City : Albuquerque
State/Region : New Mexico (NM)
Country : USA

Contact : Christian Hitt


Competition and scale crawling in central New Mexico.

Classes: C1 C2 C3
Northwest Arkansas Scale Crawlers

City : Multiple
State/Region : Arkansas (AR)
Country : USA

Contact : Thommy Greer

NWA SCALE CRAWLERS is a group of local people who enjoy the hobby of RC CRAWLERS in the Northwest Arkansas area. We look forward to meeting you and hope you can participate in our events. We want anyone who is willing to have a great time to come out.
Ohio RC Scale GURUs

City : Multiple
State/Region : Ohio (OH)
Country : USA

Contact : Todd Grundish

This group has been made for RC enthusiasts who are into scale truck and trail rigs. The founders are experienced builders who are here to help with your builds, questions and troubleshooting. We do go out and trail often and will post up times and locations whenever possible. We hold a very large competition every year in July called "King Of Gurus" which is something you don't want to miss. We also have smaller events throughout the year. Posting trucks for sale and or trade is fine but please stick to some guidelines- SCALE OR TRAIL TRUCKS ONLY. We do not tolerate rudeness towards other members. We do not tolerate shady deals and or ripping people off.. Please treat everyone how you would want to be treated and I think we will have a good thing going here. All we ask is that we keep it scale/crawler related!!!!
Thanks to all and enjoy!
Panama City Monster RC

City : Panama City
State/Region : Florida (FL)
Country : USA

Contact : Douglas Crosby

RC Club around Panama City
Quesnel RC Club

City : Quesnel
State/Region : British Columbia (BC)
Country : Canada

Contact : John King

A group where you can discuss, or get help with anything rc related, electric or nitro, Meet new people and have a great time doing the things you love!

Classes: 1,2, and 3, and an open unlimited class
RC Outlaws

City : Pass Christian
State/Region : Mississippi (MS)
Country : USA

Contact : Scotty Cuevas

We have monthly comps 2nd Saturday of the month
Renegade Rock Runners

City : Greater Los Angeles area
State/Region : California (CA)
Country : USA

Contact : Jay Smith

We are a fast growing group of like minded folks that love everything there is about RC Crawling

We try to put on at least 1 large event each month. Most of the events that we plan are hosted at Vasquez Rocks State Park, in Agua Dulce, CA just off the 14.

We currently are starting to host events with comps and raffles. Raffle items are donated by our event sponsors that we are cultivating strong relationships with to help further this wonderful hobby!


Rock Dogz RC Scalers & Crawlers

City : Vernon
State/Region : British Columbia
Country : Canada

Contact : Sean Michaud

Rock Dogz is a fast growing group of like minded people that love everything there is about RC Rock Crawlers and Scalers

Our Outdoor Mini Comps are held at least 1-2 times a month depending on other events from April-Sept as well as 3 larger events throughout the year. We also have an Indoor Mini Comp every Wednesday from Mid Jan-March. All events that we plan are hosted throughout the Okanagan as well as at our indoor course at “Make My Fun” in Vernon.

We are also starting to have raffles to help generate more interest in the club as well as the hobby. Raffle items are donated by our sponsors that we are working along with to build strong relationships with to help further this wonderful hobby!

Class 1, Class 2, Class 3

We run SORRCA classes : 1, 2, 3
Rock Hard Crawlerz

City : Lakeland Area
State/Region : Florida (FL)
Country : USA

Contact : Larry Minott

This is a group for Scale R/C enthusiasts in the central Florida area. We also invite others from the rest of the state to be a part of our ever growing family. We put on and promote family friendly scale R/C events. We also like to attend other groups events as well.

Classes:1,2 and 3


City : Multiple
State/Region : Liguria
Country : Italy

Contact : Alex Baruzzi

****** Eventi Scaler RC 1/10 Liguria ******
Campionato S.o.r.r.c.a.
Campionato S.R.R.S. RC
Campionato TRX4 "semi-stock"
Raduni & Incontri RC varie ed eventuali.

Sleaford RC Scalers

City : Sleaford
State/Region : Lincolnshire
Country : UK

Contact : Kevin Dent

Located within the grounds of Sleaford Rugby Club, NG347SP.

All scaler classes welcome.
Sorrca COSTA RICA Crawler

City : San Jose
State/Region : San Jose
Country : Costa Rica

Contact : @RcSorrcaCR

Nuestra misión es agrupar los crawlers de Costa Rica y crear eventos bajo reglamentos de nivel mundial.

We run SORRCA classes : 2,3
Sorrca Lazio

City : Rome
State/Region : Roma
Country : Italy

Contact : Francesco Sequenzia

Organizzazione, nella regione Lazio, di eventi modellistici Scaler e extreme con regolamento int. S.O.R.R.C.A. e CISE.
Regional Comp. with SORRCA RULES
SORRCA Piemonte

City : Multiple
State/Region : Piemonte
Country : Italy

Contact : Gabriele Biaggi

Campionato Piemontese SORRCA - Recon G6 Italia
- RC Scaler Championship in Piemonte (northwestern region of Italy) following SORRCA rules
- Recon G6 Italy

General Information
The scale side of the hobby!

Founding date
2015 SimoCanto86 The Lizard

Premi per i primi classificati di ogni classe alle singole gare, per la classifica finale del Campionato e premi a sorteggio
Southern Cross Scale n Trail

City : Sydney
State/Region : NSW
Country : Australia

Contact : Ben Gibson

Southern Cross Scale n Trail welcomes you.

Southern Cross Scale n Trail (SCST), embraces a broad audience, identifying us with Australia, and includes the surrounding areas in the Southern Pacific. This provides the opportunity for growth and changing with the times, inviting a broader audience to join.

SCST endorse and support SORRCA rules and regulations and is currently the first and only group in Australia to be accepted as an affiliate with this internationally recognised association.
Susquehanna Valley Scale Crawlers

City : Multiple
State/Region : Pennsylvania (PA)
Country : USA

Contact : Jeremy Kilburn

Susquehanna Valley Scale Crawlers was started in 2006 to give local enthusiasts a place to gather for sharing information and organize events.

Classes: 1,2,3
Tennessee Scale Crawlers

City : Multiple
State/Region : Tennessee (TN)
Country : USA

Contact : Steve Crotts

We are a group of RC enthusiasts with a focus on scale crawlers. The club is primarily a comp club with a focus on SORRCA events. TSC hosts comps on a regular basis so make sure you look at the events portion of the page.

Classes: 1,2
The Goat Crawlers

City : Bursa
State/Region : Nilufer
Country : Turkiye

Contact : Aykut Erdogan

We run SORRCA classes : 3
Washington Remote Control Rock Crawlers

City : Multiple
State/Region : Washington (WA)
Country : USA

Contact : Justin Art

We are based in Washington state with most of our members residing on the west side of the state. The club revolves around the world of RC Crawlers and RC Scalers with members also competing at the national level.

WARCRC originated with a few guys running super trucks (days of the clods). Over the years many class's have been formed and the club has slowly evolved to what it is today. Over the course of 2013 WARCRC will be going thru a makeover and starting with a new domain(forced to) and we will be reworking our club logo.

The Scaler side follows all SORRCA rules and they too also have monthly competitions and they run 3 class's (C1,C2,C3). Since the club originated for the crawler stuff there was a group of scaler folks and a big thanks to Justin for taking over that side of it. Also please visit the monthly “scale of the month” area for the latest winner.

We always welcome newcomers to both aspects of the hobby be it crawler or scaler.
Yellowstone Scale Rock Crawler Association

City : Billings
State/Region : Montana
Country : USA

Contact : Scott Smith

Club dedicated to building and running scale RC crawlers. Regular outings called out on local Facebook page Big Sky Country RC Addicts as well as scheduled SORRCA-rule comps.

We run SORRCA classes : 1,2 & 3

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